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Chapter 2

Hey! I'm new to this community, but I just love FFX-2!
I was wondering, at the beginning of chapter 2, I stupidly gave the sphere to New Yevon, so when I had to go to Bevelle, I became stuck. I still don't know what to do! Any easy steps would be welcome.

Also, I think this was asked before, but I'm going to ask again, when you fight in the Calm Lands in chapter 1, Chocobos are there, but after a couple of seconds, they run away. What's with that? Aren't I supposed to catch them?

Help is welcome!

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I know this is a little late, but just in case you didn't end up getting any help...

Where, exactly, are you stuck? I gave the sphere to New Yevon during one of my playthroughs, and I was able to move just as seamlessly through Bevelle as I had when I'd given it to the Youth League. It was even easier in fact, since I wasn't forced to fight the guards to get up the bridge.

As for the chocobos, you have to give them a green almost instantly, otherwise they won't hold still. After you give them the green though, they might start attacking you, so be prepared for that. Especially since some chocobos have meteor.
That usually the message that appears on ur screen when the chocobo escapes. Its the equivalent to you escaping(press right arrow when attack menu comes for escape option- u have to make each character escape seprately) from ur enemies. U can't chase it although u will eventually chase one down if in Ch. 2 u look for the little girl on the Mihen Highroad. Hint if u do look 4 the girl go to the travel agency by hover Shell be there. Oh and to beat the Chocobo eater have a warrior use Flametounge repeatedly and have to Black Mages who know the ability Fire, Fira, or Firaga(they'll already no Fire which works pretty well.) Am I helping to much? hope not. well... thats it go to for Chapter walkthrough it helps alot!!