Darkened Chivalry (darknedchivalry) wrote in ffx2fanatics,
Darkened Chivalry

GG and Ap egg

ok, so i may have got a tad confused with my other post. the reason i was asking about the "ruin depths" was i am trying to get "ap egg" (triple ap) and the GG "Higher Power" and "The End" , well more "higher Power" since it gives break hp limit. does anyone know where to get these? maybe where i thought they were they are not, as it were.
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You mean the special accessories, and key items for the "break Damage Limit." (9999)
For the Special Dress Spheres?

I know there's one located in the cave on the Thunder Plains after you clear it out (Of fiends clinging to the towers) in Chapter five. An AlBhed will tell you about it and take you to the hole.

It's a whole big maze of lifting walls and you have to add and or subtract numbers from things like the amount of gil you have, how many battles you have fought, and special core numbers and stuff. Eventually you'll get to the end of the maze and get an item like that, but I can't remember who it's for..

Also I think there's one on the waterfall under the bridge in Besaid... Which one I don't know...
And I think something like one of those is on Mi'Hien. But you need a chocobo to get it.
Just go to the area where theres a space in the fence. Wait in that empty space, and select yes when it asks you a question... It'll get you a diff treasure chest and take yuna back up. Go back repeat the waiting process again and it'll take you to another treasure chest with an item for Paines Special Dresssphere. I think. o.O;
I just completed chap three for the third time Trying to get to the general point where the Clasko dungeons are s'poused to be available, and see if perhaps I can get the second dungeon, considering the Guide said there was something in that place (that has no map.. or boss information.) And Machina maw is what it is intended for. It was the "Break Damage limit." thing for it.
no, sorry. i mean the Garment Grids that give break damage and break HP. one is called "The End" and the other is called "Higher power". if you have the same guide as i do look at the bottom of page 15. and for "Clasko's secret maze" look at page 238.
okay looked at page 15. See what you mean. I don't have those yet.

o.O; At least I don't think I do.
I'll have to review the list of grids I do have.

as for page 238...
I read that. The inscrutions there are I guess for the second dungeon.I mentioned that before. ^^;
Yet it has never worked yet. S'why before I do much of anything else I'm going to keep sending out chochobos and capturing new ones, and releasing ones that can't get higher then 2 or three (when I don't need em) and sending them, and feeding them and taking care of them to see just what will come of it. I just find it odd how that the second Dungeon doesn't have a map, or Boss Data yet they mention it, though it's very vauge at best.
Yet the Colony of Fiends one does. *Shrugs*
its soo frustrating, i have no idea what i am doing wrong with these stupid birds. and as far as i know one of those grids are IN that cave, along with Rikkus break Hp special sphere thingy, machina reactor i think. and having that grid would be SO handy or Via Infinito, cat nip only goes so far.
Question that has nothing to do with this.....

Is that Leon Kennedy on your icon?! *wuvs Leon*
yup, leon