the gilt cage (beeswax) wrote in ffx2fanatics,
the gilt cage

ending screen cap?

Does anyone have or know where I can find a screen cap of the ending of FFX-2. I mean, the actual part that says THE END with the heart that's made out of waves on one side and two birds on the other? I'd really like to have the image of that heart, I just don't know where to find it.
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are you talking about the good ending coz i downloaded that from some site i found off google, it was in japanese, pretty usless to me becauese i dont speak japanese. but it had some characters at the end that sorta fit the description you have. i dunno if that help just look it up on google. and you get paines dress sphere in chapter one in malcalena wood. sorry i think you have missed out. im in chapter two so far. yeah i suck at it, im in the monster stadium, i cant beat the dumb fiend its harder than bosses. i think i might have to leave it and get more expirience.

anyway nice replying to you,
hope this helped.