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The Voice

I got one question. At the end where you are fighting Vegnagun who's voice is that talkin to her while they are fighting him. Sounds like Auron, but I am not sure.

I had 99% completion points and I think a little over that cuz I got everything but the gunners gauntlet and the episode complete in the calm lands and I still got the perfect ending. They must round it up.
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That was one of my favorite characters...Tidus' father Jecht.
and Auron
so it was both Jecht and Auron?
yep. I found a website (lost the link though) that had a transcript of it. Found it when I was looking for quotes from the game. It had everything the girls' say when changing dress sphere's, attacking, losing, etc.
thats pretty cool. When I first beat it I was all kinds of confused, the second time I listened real good and thought it sounded alot like auron
And Braska