1_timeonly (1_timeonly) wrote in ffx2fanatics,

Youth League or New Yevon?

Hi, I'm just starting out in this game, and I'm at the point where the Gullwings have to decide who to return the sphere to, Nooj or Baralai.

I guess the storyline will be affected from that point onward from my decision, so which one was the best in your opinion? Do you get better mini-movies, boss fights, items, old/new friends, treasure/dress spheres/garment grids, etc. with the Youth League? Or New Yevon? Personally I would pick New Yevon, only because Yuna is already familiar with their shady dealings and would be better equipped to handle their villiany(again). NO SPOILERS PLEASE.

And I love this game much better than FFX. Especially the dresspheres and grids. Much more fun that that horrid sphere grid from FFX.

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